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About Science Natural Supplements

My Story is Your Success

The Story of Science Natural Supplements is my story. It’s the path I blazed to find the relief and help I wasn’t finding anywhere else. So I did what anyone would do. I got educated. I dug deep. I learned entirely new things and reshaped the way I was approaching health and wellness – and it worked! And now, through Science Natural Supplements, I want to share these discoveries with everyone!

My name is Cody Bramlett.

I used to own a kettlebell gym in San Diego, where I helped train people like you who want to get in shape, build strength, increase their self-confidence, and simply feel better. I've helped hundreds of clients throughout my career lose weight, reach their fitness goals, and live healthier lives.

But it was a very personal reason that sent me on the most important quest of my life—my father’s health. He was in extreme pain from chronic inflammation caused by diet, stress, and being generally overweight. The doctors couldn’t give him any relief, but I was determined to find a way to help him.

Over countless hours of research, one answer kept coming back over and over. Turmeric. It’s a flavorful spice from Southeast Asia that natives have used for centuries to flavor their food and treat a host of ailments, from inflammation to indigestion. It’s been making waves in the medical community lately, as the subject of hundreds of clinical studies.

But not just ANY turmeric can produce results. It had to have high purity. It had to be grown in rich, fertile soil. And it had to be combined with another ingredient so that your body can even absorb it. I couldn’t find the supplement that I knew would help my Dad. So I made it for him.

After taking it for a few weeks, the chronic pain went away and he started moving like his old self again.

I was so blown away by how my supplement changed my Dad’s life that I had to share my discovery.

I created Science Natural Supplements to help people like you get pain free, lose weight, and feel great about themselves. I not only offer you the Turmeric with BioPerine that stopped my Dad’s chronic inflammation in its tracks, I also went on to research other pure ingredients.

I discovered natural ways to boost your memory, enhance your mental focus, get amazing amounts of pure, natural energy, and get the body that you always knew was there, hidden below the surface.

Now you can stop the senseless cycle of yo-yo dieting and constant deprivation. You can give your body the nourishment that it’s been craving and start enjoying the life that you deserve.

I’ll even take all the risk! Try my supplements. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results, just let me know in the next six months and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Your Partner in health,


P.S. I’m constantly on the hunt for newer, better paths to health so check back often. In fact, my next big thing is a nine-part docuseries that explores the power and potential of supplements and movement, sure, but a whole range of methodologies that have been ignored, forgotten, or actively even attacked by modern medicine.

This isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon. And if you stick with me we’ll cross that finish line together!