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Four Great Natural Energy Boosters

Aug 25, 2020

Four Great Natural Energy Boosters

Why would it be interesting to talk about energy boosters? Don’t we all have surplus energy just waiting to be burned? We wake up well-rested, ready for the day with boundless stamina, strength and vitality. Yeah, right. Let’s talk.

As we hurry through our overscheduled, busy days we are constantly using new technology and devices that are supposed to save us time and energy. We have remote controls for everything from our garage doors to our TV sets to our house lights. We use time saving devices like microwaves, automatic sprinklers and remote locking for our cars. With all these conveniences, the majority of people feel they are tired a lot of the time.

The great news is there exist many ways to naturally boost the vitality we feel on a daily basis. Here are four powerful ways to naturally bump up our stamina and energy:

  1. Get regular sleep – this simple bit of advice can make such a monumental difference in our lives. When we sleep our body is repairing and rebuilding from the previous day’s activities. In addition, energy stores are being replenished in preparation for new challenges the following day.

    Regular sleep means getting the same number of hours of sleep as often as possible. Some people do best with 7 hours, some do better with 8 hours. Whatever your number is, get as close to that amount of sleep consistently.

    Regular sleep also means sleeping at the same time each night. The more regular the time we go to bed and actually fall asleep, the more restful our sleep will be.
  2.  Drink plenty of water – when we test for proper water content the vast majority of our patients are dehydrated. Some patients don’t drink enough water and others drink lots of liquids that aren’t water. The basic rule for water consumption per day is half our body weight in ounces. Thus, a person that weighs 150 pounds needs approximately 75 ounces of water daily. No liquid but water counts – not soda, not coffee, not energy drinks. Running low on water robs our body of energy and causes much more wear and tear on our organs.
  3. Eat nutritious foods – Let’s keep this one really simple – too many of us are running around overfed but malnourished. This means the food that is consumed contains lots of calories but minimal energy producing vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Our diets must consist of vegetables, fruits and lean meats (or some other source of protein). If our food comes in a box, a can, a bag or is frozen or microwaveable that is a good indication there is minimal nutrition inside. We don’t need to read lots of nutrition labels is we are eating fruits and vegetables that still look like how they were grown.
  4. Consume minimal sugar – This is a corollary to #3 above. Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value, whatsoever. It causes inflammation in our cells, overworks our circulatory system and taxes our kidneys. Just the opposite of anything that will boost our natural energy.

    As we work to avoid sugar consumption, remember the foods that are quickly converted to simple sugar – pasta, crackers, chips, any dairy products and anything made with flour. It’s not just the ice cream, soda pop and candy bars we want to watch out for.

    Being mindful of these four wonderful energy boosters can have a huge impact on how we feel each day. Don’t be surprised if following these natural rules for vitality you find yourself losing weight, effortlessly. Imagine waking up ready for the day with boundless energy that lasts as long as our day does. Be well.

- Dr. Sterling

Category: Getting Better Sleep