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Why We Do It

Jul 16, 2020

Why We Do It

Recently I met a friend for coffee just to catch up with him. We have been friends for decades but between business and family we had not talked in a number of years.

We talked about our kids and how fast they have grown up. We talked about our businesses and the challenges of balancing work with family activities. Then he hit me with a question I didn’t expect.

My friend asked, “when are you going to retire”? He said, “you’ve been a Doctor for 35 years, when are you going to kick back and relax”? Quite honestly, the thought had never entered my mind.

The stories of our patients constantly inspire us. We met Nathan a few years ago as a depressed, overweight young man. He had been turned down by the Navy and wasn’t allowed to enlist. Nathan came from a family of Navy people and his dream was to carry on the family tradition. Nathan needed to lose 60 pounds before he could enlist. The problem was Nathan had been heavy his entire life and he didn’t know the first thing about nutrition or good eating habits. To make a four-month story shorter, Nathan lost 82 pounds on our program and now proudly serves our country. He sent a picture to our office in his Navy uniform that brought tears to our eyes.

The story of Maribeth that lost 65 lbs. with us and loved it so much she became one of our Clinic Directors. The Grandmother that stabilized her blood sugar in 10 days just by following our protocol. The dozens of stories of people that had suffered with type 2 diabetes for years that have fully reversed this terrible disease. They are no longer diabetics and it seems they never stop smiling.

Our lives are enriched by those we serve. After sharing some of these stories with my friend in the coffee shop he said, “I see why you do it”.

- Dr. Zane Sterling

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